Lost in Class?

Don’t just learn the material, understand what you are learning

I am an Eagle Scout and a Level I Certified Ski Instructor. Although skiing and math are totally different, the fundamental principles of teaching each skill is exactly the same. The same way seeing a kid do his first turn on skis excites me, so does watching a new programmer code "Hello World" for the first time, or take the derivative of a 4th degree function for the first time or to FOIL an expression. Rather than just reinforcing the formulas learned in the class room, I ensure the student will understand why that formula exists. This deeper understanding allows the student to apply the knowledge with ease in the classroom and facilitates the learning process when new information is added to the previous understanding. My love for mathematics and number is enormous.

With 1-1 tutoring with me not only will your grades improve but also your understanding of course material.



Math Tutoring

Courses: ACT Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, AP Calc AB & BC

Qualifications: ACT Math (35/36), AP Calc AB (5/5), AP Calc BC (5/5), AP Physics C: Mechanics (4/5)

Me & Math: Ever since I was young math has been my favorite subject. Rather than reading I would indulge in logic, Sudokus, Kakuros and KenKen puzzles. In the middle of 6th grade I bought my first Rubik’s Cube. A couple hours later and I had completed the cube for the first time. I continued practicing and practicing, even buying a new speed cube. Eventually I broke the 1 minute mark (my record is 55 seconds). Senior year at GHS I took AP Calculus BC and received a perfect score.

Computer Science Tutoring

Courses: Introduction to Programming, Web Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), Advanced Web Development, BootStrap, Object Oriented Programming

Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, Java, C++

Qualifications: I have worked on numerous web development projects. Rather than just learning to program I know the importance of planning a project, web design and and code efficiency. Most classes will only teach you the syntax and the uses of coding. With me I can further that knowledge to imporve the quality of your code.

Me & Computers: Some call me a computer wizz, others a nerd, and others a coder. I call my self a computer scientist. Wether you are just trying to learn a new language, need help on a project, want to learn how to make a website or are studying for a test I can help. Just let me know what you want to learn and I will teach you.

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